A clearer vision for decommissioning

As trusted specialists, Strategic Decom brings considerable and demonstrable consultancy expertise in decommissioning to the international energy industry.


An Introduction to Decommissioning from Planning through Execution

A two day in depth course delivered in a classroom setting.

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Fully interactive E-learning module The Fundamentals of Decommissioning the Oil and Gas Infrastructure is now available.

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We work with oil and gas clients, helping them plan for safe, efficient and cost effective asset decommissioning, optimising the timing and scope of these inevitable operations, irrespective of the current stage of field life.

As an authority in late life asset strategy formulation, Strategic Decom offers strategic planning and specialist consultancy services supporting all aspects of decommissioning, from planning up to the point of execution.

The Decommissioning Challenge

The Decommissioning Challenge Diagram

— Our focus isn't on decommissioning as the final project for an asset, but on a through-life strategic approach, ensuring maximum economic benefit. The time is now.—

Adnan Hossain
Operations Director
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